“The Word Of Christ” (Colossians 3: 16, NIV) by Carley Evans

Paul exhorts us to “let the Word of Christ dwell richly within.”

This is my story; this is my song! God reveals Himself primarily through His Word rather than through emotional experiences at our local church meeting. Before anyone protests, I am not saying that God is not in our church meetings or revivals or weekend retreats; I am saying that if you are looking for God, open your Bible.

The real God is found in these pages, which He writes on our hearts every day as we read and study His very Words.

Which is better? To hear the actual words of your best friend or to go to a meeting to hear someone else’s words about your best friend? The answer is obvious, writes Paul. He tells us to let the Word of Christ live inside of us with the riches of the Holy Spirit to guide us into all wisdom.

How is it that we teach others? Teach others to open God’s Word; to allow God’s Word to permeate the mind and soul. In this way, we will each know what is the will of God

5 thoughts on ““The Word Of Christ” (Colossians 3: 16, NIV) by Carley Evans

  1. hhmmm . . . a couple of thoughts, carley.
    first, the “foremost” command–to Jesus’ way of thinking–is to “love God!” (Mark 12:29). that is not, fundamentally, a call to “know Scripture” (although you will not hear me denigrate the place of Scripture . . . see my own blog for my massive and ever-present commitment to God’s Word!), but it is a call to a vital and experientially real relationship with Someone. and that relationship must be experienced, felt, known “in my bones” and not just in my head.
    thus, i would say that feeling/experiencing the living God is entirely appropriate (and there seem to me to be hundreds of texts that drive that point home).
    nevertheless, i think you do the right thing in calling us to be anchored in the Scriptures! yes, to that!
    i recall Jesus’ post-resurrection encounter with two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). these two were discouraged and downcast because they were unsure about the report that Jesus had been raised from the dead. walking with them (but “veiling” their eyes so that they not recognize him), Jesus engages them in conversation. what would have been so easy and simple and straight-forward would be for Jesus to–“ta da!”–present himself alive to them. he could have given them a real “experience” of himself as the risen Savior. but what is so amazing (and consistent with your thoughts here) is that Jesus chose to lead them in a Bible study! sweet!
    yes, he does ultimately draw them into an experience of his presence. yes, they do encounter Jesus in an amazing and experientially rich way. but Jesus leads them to that in and through and guided by and rooted in the Scriptures.
    keep it up, carley, your thoughts are encouraging!

    1. Awesome thoughts — I love that you bring the point home that Jesus leads the two disciples in a Bible study. What could be better than that from our Lord?! Wow. I would be thrilled to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His tales of His Father God. Amen.

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