“Fully Convinced After A Laugh” (Romans 4: 20, ESV) by Carley Evans

Abram is “fully convinced that God is able to do what He promises.” (Romans 4: 21) Though his body is a hundred years old and his wife, Sarah is post-menopausal; (Genesis 18: 11) yet Abram “does not weaken in faith.” (Romans 4: 19)

“No distrust makes him waver concerning the promise of God.” (Romans 4: 20)

Instead, Abram “grows strong in his faith as he gives glory to God.” (Romans 4: 20)

Giving God the glory is the method through which Abram becomes “fully convinced” and unwavering in his belief in God’s promise to make him “the father of many nations.” (Romans 4: 18)

Both Abram and Sarai laugh as each hears God’s pronouncement that Sarai will bear Abram a son. Abram falls on his face and laughs when God tells him. (Genesis 17: 17) whereas Sarai laughs from within the tent as she hears the three angels announce to her husband that she is to be with child.(Genesis 18: 12)

The Lord challenges Abram, saying, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18: 14)

Sarai denies her laughter, but God reminds her — “No, but you did laugh.” (Genesis 18: 15)

Abram and Sarai change names at God’s command. Abraham circumcises himself at ninety-nine years of age. Sarah bears a son at ninety-one years of age. Through these two people, the new covenant begins. (Genesis 17: 21)

First, a scoffing laughter; then an unwavering belief.

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