“Even In His Wrath” (Romans 5: 6 – 8, ESV) by Carley Evans

Even in His wrath against sin and our rebellion, “God shows His LoVe for us.” Paul points out the obvious fact that very rarely will anyone die for another. A mother may die for her child; a lover for his loved one. But seldom — if ever! — does anyone die for an enemy. Yes, we may die for someone who is weak, even a stranger drowning in a riptide. But, rarely — if ever! — will we die for an enemy, for someone who has deliberately wronged us and who is likely to do so again.

Let’s not forget — “Jesus dies for the ungodly.” He “dies for us.” And He does this “while we are still weak” and “while we are still sinners.”

“Since therefore we are now justified by His


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