‘When We Create “Dren” ‘ ( a commentary on the movie “SPLICE”) by Carley Evans

Dren is the conglomeration of human DNA spliced with the DNA of multiple species, likely lizard, frog, bird, fish, scorpion, mouse by my estimation. The movie is “SPLICE;” the premise is not “do we create a creature such as this?” but, “what is our responsibility once we do, since we inevitably will create a creature such as Dren?”

Dren is partially human, but only partially. Much of Dren is beast. But she expresses human emotion, human needs, human sins. After seeing “SPLICE,” I asked myself — “does Dren have a soul?”

Because I believe that the human soul is contained in our very DNA, I’d have to say that Dren has a soul — perhaps a partial soul as she has a partial human nature. Is there such a thing as being partly human, of having a partial soul?

This is the question we must face as science wrestles with its desire to create a being such as Dren. Dren is a direct result of man’s search for an end to illness, an end to death.

Dren is Satan’s counterfeit human being — Satan’s counterfeit solution to suffering and death. And like us, Dren is the victim of Satan’s rebellion against God.

When mankind creates Dren, mankind will have come to its very end. We will look at Dren, and see a soul, but one cut into a myriad of pieces — one which perhaps can never be made whole. We will look in the mirror, and cry for ourselves. Of this, I am certain.

4 thoughts on “‘When We Create “Dren” ‘ ( a commentary on the movie “SPLICE”) by Carley Evans

  1. Nothing good can come from interfering with God’s great wisdom and order in creating everything for an eternal plan and purpose.

    1. Susan,

      Who can argue with your point? You are correct — unfortunately, human beings want to “live forever” with “gorgeous bodies” that never fail them. Humans so often will do anything for these two goals –eternal life and beautiful flesh.

      Medicine tries so hard to be god.

      Love in Christ, Carley

  2. The two scientists didn’t create anything. They merely took parts from things already created. When God creates a lifeform, the creature fits in, is suitable, has a place in the world. When man tries, the result is a mess – fictionally speaking. Dren seemed human for a while, and Elsa’s mistreatment of her was hard to watch. God would never be so cruel to create an animal of such intelligence and subject it to such bitter loneliness.

    1. Ivan,
      I agree wholeheartedly. Elsa was amazingly cruel.
      And of course you are correct — God creates from nothing by the power of His spoken Word. The scientists were incapable of true creation —
      Thanks for your comment.

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