“Great And Mysterious Things” (Jeremiah 33: 2 – 3, NEB) by Carley Evans

God says, “If you call to Me, I will answer you, and tell you great and mysterious things which you do not understand.”

That God is a mystery is no secret. He is not like us. He Himself tells us that His thoughts are not like our thoughts; that His ways are not like our ways. He is not us; we are not Him.

Jesus comes to earth, becoming fully human while remaining fully divine. Jesus is a mystery; that God the Father “makes the leader who delivers [us] perfect through sufferings” is mysterious and incomprehensible. (Hebrews 2: 10) That sin is always punished is not surprising; that sin is punished in the body of the Son of God is bewildering.

We call to God; He does answer us. But, we do not always understand what we hear. We are often confused about heaven and hell, about salvation and damnation, about good and evil. These clear-cut opposites are mysteries to us despite our acceptance of them as truths. We trust God, then we doubt. We question, then we find answers which seem to work well with what we already know. At other times, we are like the three year old child who asks, “Why?” We want to understand, but we don’t.

Paul prays for us: “We ask God that you may receive from Him all wisdom and spiritual understanding for full insight into His will, so that your manner of life may be worthy of the Lord and entirely pleasing to Him.” (Colossians 1: 9 – 10)


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