“Everlasting Truths” (Psalm 119: 160, NEB) by Carley Evans

“Your Word is founded in Truth, and Your just decrees are everlasting.”

When Satan tempts Jesus to make bread from stones, our Lord retorts: “Man cannot live on bread alone; he lives on every Word that God utters.” (Matthew 4: 4) Satan tempts Jesus to prove He is the Son of God; but Jesus has no need to provide this proof.

Jesus is the Word of God in living form.

He tells us not to swear at all, not to “set [ourselves] against the man who wrongs [us].” (Matthew 5: 39), not to “make a show of [our] religion before men,” (Matthew 6: 1) and not to “let [our] left hand know what [our] right hand is doing.” (Matthew 6: 3) He tells us to be generous, but not announce our generosity. He tells us to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us; to pray in secret, and “not to go babbling on like the heathen.” (Matthew 6: 7). Finally, He tells us to “forgive others the wrongs they have done.” (Matthew 6: 14)

These are God’s Word; His “just decrees” which are everlasting truths.

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