“If Only You Listen” (Isaiah 48 : 17, NEB) by Carley Evan

“I Am the Lord your God; I teach you for your own advantage and lead you in the way you must go.”

If someone leads me on a path that is the “way [I] must go,” I better follow. If this path is “for [my] own advantage,” then the only reason I might not follow that path is if I do not fully trust the one who is leading.

Peter steps out of the boat during the storm to walk for a short while atop the waves. Then he looks around, sees the storm and allows his fear to destroy his trust in his best friend – his Savior and King – causing him to sink beneath the water. Peter briefly trusts Jesus, then loses that trust. He stops following.

God “ransoms His servant[s]. Though He leads them through desert places they suffer no thirst, for them He makes water run from the rock, for them He cleaves the rock and streams gush forth.” (Isaiah 48: 20 – 21)

God says to us, “If only you listen to My commands…” (Isaiah 48: 18)

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