“Be Good Men” (Titus 2: 2, HCSB) by Carley Evans

“Older men are to be level headed, worthy of respect, sensible, and sound in faith, love, and endurance.”

When I think of a “level headed” man, I think of a person of utter calm — one who, even in moments of genuine anger does not rant and rage. Certainly this type of man does not scream, does not hit. This calmness in the face of difficulties is what makes a man “worthy of respect.” How many fathers exasperate their children? How many fathers are irritational rather than “sensible?” How many boyfriends and husbands exasperate their women, showing them disrespect?

A good man is “sound in faith, love, and endurance.” Paul tells Titus to instruct “older men” to be good men.

Be good men! Set the example for your mothers, your sisters, your wives, your children, your girl friends.

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