“Permanently Transferred” ( Colossians 1: 13, HCSB) by Carley Evans

“[God] rescues us from the domain of darkness and transfers us into the kingdom of the Son He loves.”

We are permanently transferred into the kingdom of the Son of God. This transfer originates not in us but in God, who rescues us. We are in a place so dark, we can not see the way out. For some of us, that darkness looks like light. We don’t even know we are in “the domain of darkness.” God reaches us and miraculously moves us from that prison “into the kingdom of the Son He loves.” We become the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

“For in bringing many sons to glory, it is entirely appropriate that God — all things exist for Him and through Him — should make the source of [our] salvation perfect through sufferings. For the One who sanctifies and [we] who are sanctified all have one Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call [us] brothers, saying: ‘ I proclaim Your Name to My brothers; I sing hymns to You in the congregation.’ Again, ‘I trust in Him.’ And again, ‘Here I Am with the children God gives Me.’ ” (Hebrews 2: 10 – 13)

Having been transferred (literally adopted) into the family of God; we obtain a room in God’s house. Jesus prays to the Father, “Glorify Your Son so that the Son may glorify You, for You give Him authority over all flesh; so He may give eternal life to all You give Him. This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You send — Jesus Christ.” (John 17: 1 – 3) And Jesus tells us, “I Am going away to prepare a place for you. If I go away and prepare a place for you, I will come back and receive you to Myself, so that where I Am you may be also.” (John 14: 2 – 3)

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