“Ever On The Lord” ( Psalm 25: 14 – 15, NEB ) by Carley Evans

“The Lord confides His purposes to those who fear Him, and His covenant is theirs to know. My eyes are ever on the Lord, who alone can free my feet from the net.”

Snares and nets and traps exist everywhere. We are so easily entangled in distress; sometimes we blindly stumble into sin. The psalmist says, “I am lonely and oppressed.” “Look at my misery and trouble.” (Psalm 25: 16, 18) He asks God, “Relieve the sorrows of my heart and bring me out of my distress.” (Psalm 25: 17) He knows that God is the only one to “defend [him] and deliver [him.]” (Psalm 25: 20)

Therefore, the psalmist keeps his “eyes ever on the Lord.” He knows God’s purposes and trusts in God’s covenant. He sings, “No man who hopes in thee is put to shame.” (Psalm 25: 3) He begs, “Forgive my wickedness, great as it is.” (Psalm 25: 11) He trusts that the Lord “teaches sinners the way they should go. He guides the humble man in doing right, He teaches the humble His ways.” (Psalm 25: 9)

“[God’s] covenant is [ours] to know.” He “alone can free [our] feet from the net.” He shows us the way everlasting and how to walk in it.

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