“The Forces Of The Universe” ( Romans 8: 38-39, NEB ) by Carley Evans

“For I am convinced that there is nothing in death or life, in the realm of spirits or superhuman powers, in the world as it is or the world as it shall be, in the forces of the universe, in heights or depths — nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


I love to imagine “the forces of the universe” attempting and failing to “separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Satan has been attempting this feat from the very beginning. Even then, in the garden of Eden, the serpent was aware of his ultimate failure, knowing his defeat would come with Jesus’ death and resurrection. Nevertheless, the serpent continues his assault against us to no avail.


Ultimately we belong to God for we are bought at a price — an immeasurable cost to God Himself. Since He paid for us, He does not allow anything “in all creation” to “separate us” from Him. “Nothing in death or life” is capable of destroying the finished work of Jesus Christ crucified in hell and resurrected to heaven.


Through His great love for us, we know we will “be shaped to the likeness of His Son, that He might be the eldest among a large family of brothers; and it is these, so fore-ordained, whom He has also called. And those whom He called He has justified, and to those whom He justified He has also given His splendour.” (Romans 8:29-30)


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