“Why We Call It Grace” by Carley Evans

My neighbor came over this evening to look at photographs of my new puppy, and to have a glass of red wine. He told me that an American had been found dead in Japan.

“An American?”

A young teacher of English — a young woman who apparently got caught in the tsunami as she attempted to unite parents and children. He said she then “rode away on her bicycle.”

“And was never seen again?”

“Hit by that 30 foot wave, I guess,” he said.

I cried for her, but even more for her parents. I cried for her parents because I am the parent of a 25 year old young woman teaching English in Japan.

When I heard about Taylor Anderson’s death, all I could think was “there but for the grace of God go I.” And then I wondered again — as I do so often — what have I ever done to deserve God’s grace?

And the answer — of course — is NOTHING at all. That’s why we call it GRACE!

5 thoughts on ““Why We Call It Grace” by Carley Evans

  1. “I cried for her, but even more for her parents. I cried for her parents because I am the parent of a 25 year old young woman teaching English in Japan…”

    GRACE! and GOD’s peace also be yours, Laaambskinny, especially during these days when the words of Ps. 46 are our own: GOD is our refuge and strength, a very right-now help in trouble./Therefore will not we fear, though the earth should shake, and the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea… Be STILL, and know that HE is “God”!/

    I was just tag-surfing a moment ago, and up popped your post of today. As I read it, I was intrigued, since my mother used to be the parent of a young woman teaching English in Japan, too! When I was over there (nearly 5 years, total), e-mail was not yet being used by anyone “normal” (unless you consider special agents “normal”;-)), thus my mother and I communicated mostly via two (2) means: a)fax letters – say, one every 3-4 days (she hand-wrote her faxes, and oh, how I do wish that I had been able to save each one on that laptop computer before it crashed! I, however, typed my faxes on the computer keyboard and hit “send”, using a “Y-jack” in my regular Japanese telephone land-line [no one yet had high-speed lines in their homes, either – not even in Japan!]), and via b) weekly postcards we sent each other (and some of hers I still have — I am so grateful!).

    When you have a moment, may I encourage you to read a post I put up on Feb. 15th (my mother’s birthday) regarding a “long-distance” (*very* long, and *very* distant!) answer to prayer? I pray that God would use it to lift your spirit as you pray for *your* daughter across the “pond” (and feel free to share it with other parents of young adults teaching overseas).

    You are sooo right, Carley (or do you prefer “Laaambskinny”?): “There but for God’s grace go every single one of us; our strength must be rooted in God’s love and in His ineffable sovereignty.” ~ “For who has known the mind of the LORD? Or who has been *His* counselor?” (Rom. 11:33ff)

    THANK you for sharing from the Book of ALL books: Scripture! May these thoughts find you continuing to sink your footings ever deeper into the only One Who is *un*shakeable! Let me know how I & other readers can be praying for you and other parents of English teachers in Japan! Blessings & encouragements your way! – gracie;-)

    1. Thanks btw for your other comment ( the one I did not “publish” — I will check into that. I should be more careful, shouldn’t I? God bless you, too. I’m Carley – lambskinny is just my username on WordPress. I’d be happy to check out your posts. Thanks for visiting! Come again often. 😀

  2. Thanks Gracie! I deleted that link — ugh. God is so good; He has kept my daughter safe and sound through the almost three years she’s been in Japan. Amen!

  3. Thank *you*, Carley! God’s mercies, for sure! In what part of the country (or, in what prefecture) is she teaching, I wonder?

    p.s. I like your beautiful cloud photograph – was that after a thunderstorm? “Every cloud a flag to His faithfulness” – from somewhere in Psalms, the Message (which I read from daily, though I often compare with many other translations/paraphrases).//Thanks, too, for your invitation; I’ll be back!

    1. Gracie,
      In an open (i.e. public) blog like this, I am only comfortable to reveal she lives on the Sea of Japan coastline.
      As for the photograph, I took it early in the morning as I recall; no thunderstorm before or after.
      Thanks again for visiting!

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