“A Very Kind Testimonial” by D.s. Lewis Axberg

“Precious Sister Carley Evans Is a Very GOOD Example Of ABEL—Teaching—I say this Very Carefully Now—Because It is a Risk Often To Lift Up a Specially Gift—Or Ministry Or Person—But I Feel The HOLY SPIRIT Want It—And HE KNOWS Everything—She Is A Very Humble Sister—to—So I Believe She Can Handle This Right—SHE KNOWS IT IS ALL HIS GRACE—-Anyhow Precious Sis Carley She Has Through The HOLY SPIRIT GRACE—-Much Knowledge In GODS LIVING WORD—BUT SHE LET GRACE—Her Heart—THE HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST—LEAD—She Let LOVE DRIVE HER—-And Not Fear—And Bible Scriptures—-

Everyone Can Be Attacked by Flesh-Darkness-Fear—And Bible Scripture-Streams—-LETTER—Streams–DRIVEN BY FEAR—

(((Old Dead LETTER—Streams….)))


3 thoughts on ““A Very Kind Testimonial” by D.s. Lewis Axberg

  1. Indeed, D.s. — it is truly by God, the Holy Spirit, that anything I write regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ is of value. Thank you, dear brother, for your kindness and support. God bless and keep you in His Peace and Grace.

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