“And the 15 Nominees Are” ( by Carley Evans )

The 5 bloggers/blogs that I already gave the MOST VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD to are:

RESTING IN HIS GRACE — by M.T. Sweat. I love Pot Pie.

TWO MINUTES OF GRACE by Debbie Branson also comes to mind along with the peace she gives.

SUMMATHETES by Brian. I’ve been following this blog for several years now. I can not recommend this blog enough.

THINKING OUT LOUD by Jim Thornber; always thought-provoking.

A PAUPER’S PEN AND PARCEL by Dave Bignell; infrequent posting, but always good stuff.

Stand by…

Okay, I just nominated CATHOLIC JOURNALING by Jason.

And this evening, I nominated A FATHER’S LOVE, a wonderful blog by Jeffrey Miskell about a horrible event.

Also, I discovered SPTP2011, a funny blog about our life with God.

Do check out LONG WIND for some very fine ‘heavy’ reading — theology!

What’s the count? Makes 9 bloggers — all deserving of the Most Versatile Blogger award…

More to come…

Number 10 is THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR — these posts are longer than I usually read, but are worth the extra effort.

Next comes No. 11 — GROWING WITH JESUS by Pastor Baumann. I just discovered this one.

No. 12 is CHRISTIANITY 201. Check this one out when you have some time to peruse; so much to see and do and read here.

And No. 13 is WALKING IN THE WILDERNESS — I just like this whole set-up.

The remaining two will have to wait until tomorrow…

And, here it is — the next morning and I nominate No. 14: WORDS FROM THERE.  And finally the one I’ve been saving: THE CHRISTIAN GAZETTE by Patricia, a blog that brings many great posts together in one spot.

10 thoughts on ““And the 15 Nominees Are” ( by Carley Evans )

  1. Thanks Carley. With a little sleep, we’re rolling again. Pot Pie says thanks much. Have to go to work now, but I intend to visit these nominees soon. God bless

  2. M.T. — I am sure I’ll have more; it’s just if this little ‘award’ is gonna mean anything at all – beyond a kind of chain letter – I’d like to do it right. God bless. Have a great day at work. I, for one, didn’t get much sleep — the mind was a’rollin.

  3. Carley – I’m still on the road until the 25th. I paid $3 (strange,huh?) to get on line tonight.
    Thank you. I’m honored and humbled and will certainly pass the award on when I get back. I look forward to reading the other blogs you’ve listed – I’m only familiar with a few of them.
    Love your blog and your heart!

    1. Have safe travel, Debbie. Enjoy exploring the other blogs when you get home. I appreciate your work very much; I’m so pleased you like mine, too. God bless! Carley

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