Versatile Blogger Payback x 5 ( by Carley Evans )

Thanks to Jeffrey Miskell and his trusty YouTube video, I now know how to add links within my posts. Yay, Jeffrey! Thanks so much!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been nominated/awarded the Most Versatile Blogger Award or the Versatile Blogger Award 5 times now; I think.

To thank each of you — here goes!

First, Jeff nominated me — his blog is Reveling In The Overflowing Grace of God. For his nomination, I broke the rules and only nominated 5 bloggers/blogs. What can I say — I’m a non-conformist! Thank you Jeff!

Next, Jeffrey was kind enough to nominate me. Jeffrey writes A FATHER’S LOVE ! I have yet to nominate blogs in response to his gift!

Next, I received a nomination from M.T. Sweat who writes all over the place! But his home is RESTING IN HIS GRACE. Go check out Pot Pie. For this nomination, I haven’t followed the rules at all — except to thank M.T. But, I’m working on it.

Then, I was nominated by Drusilla Mott who writes DRUSILLA MOTT. I’ve thanked Drusilla, but nothing more yet.

Finally, I was happy to receive a Versatile Blogger Award from Ula who writes JESUS CARRIES ME. Again, all I have done is thank Ula most sincerely.

So, here are my 15 VERSATILE BLOGGERS: Okay, stand by…


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