“My Law In Your Heart” ( Hebrews 8: 10, NIV ) by Carley Evans

Now I know it’s difficult to be compared to a dog, but maybe it’s a bit easier to take seriously if I compare us — Christians, that is — to puppies. Puppies, experts say, are desperate to please. They do virtually anything for attention. Over time, their motivation becomes not only a desire for attention and to please, but a deep longing for the love of their owners. With a collar and a leash, some puppies get dragged along behind the master while others pull ahead. Still others — for some reason that is foreign to me — don’t even need a leash. They heel, miraculously. But all puppies need collars. Collars identify the puppy as belonging to a someone.

I’m a pull ahead, drag behind puppy. But, I proudly/humbly wear my collar. God’s Name is written quite clearly along its leather sheath. Nowadays, the leash rarely pulls me up short.

God says to me and to you, “I put My laws in [your] mind and write them on [your] heart. I Am your God, and you are [Mine].”

16 thoughts on ““My Law In Your Heart” ( Hebrews 8: 10, NIV ) by Carley Evans

  1. Prayers for your day
    ps: I’m pull ahead – drag behind puppy too and sometimes just an “old stubborn dog” but my leasing pulling days are getting further and further apart as I bask in the Light of God

  2. Pot Pie especially likes this one Carley. The post and the puppy!

    Hmmm… wondering if Hank Posts are on the horizon? Unfortunately, Possum is a ‘chew the leash up’ puppy.

    God bless

    1. Pot Pie, I’m so glad you especially like my post; and that you like Hank. I bet you two would get along well. Hank loves other dogs! I guess we Christians could learn something from well-socialized puppies — how to all get along with a wag and a smile — yes, Bichons smile!

      God bless you and M.T. and all those he cares about!


  3. The collar serves as a comfort to me! A constant reminder of who I belong to! I love this post and the puppy is just adorable. Thanks Carley ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Carley – I have a Schnoodle named Henry VIII (because he’s my 8th dog). Henry is a pet therapy dog and never lags and rarely strains. He doesn’t bark and would never bite. I hope to grow up to be more like him. Fun post! He sends licks Hank’s way!

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