“Sanctity can never abide a merely speculative solution to the problem of suffering. Sanctity solves the problem not by analyzing but by suffering. It is a living solution, burned in the flesh and spirit of the saint by fire. Scripture itself tells us as much. ‘As silver is tried by fire and gold in the furnace, so the Lord trieth hearts’ ” (Prov 17:3). (“Saint John of the Cross” by Fr. Thomas Merton)

3 thoughts on “Sanctity

  1. Hi Sam,

    Worship involves first a basic knowledge/understanding of the nature of God — Job, for example, thought he knew God pretty well until everything came crashing down around him; then he realized he didn’t know God at all. At the end, he said that he knew only of God ‘by report’ but now he sees Him face to face, as He really is; that makes Job fall down into dust and ashes and repent.

    This is worship “in truth,” I think.

    Worship involves a practicing of God’s very presence — a listening for His voice and a willingness to trust His Word over and against any other source, including our opinions. Worship in this way involves the mind, the heart, and the soul — in other words, your entire being.

    Thanks; great question. Carley

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