“Judge Not-2nd Edition” ( Matthew 7: 1, KJV ) by Carley Evans

Jesus warns us not to judge others. The measure we use to judge another is the measure used to judge us. Jesus warns us not to seek out the mote in the eye of another while ignoring the beam in our own eye. Besides, the beam in our eye naturally prevents a clear view of the mote we think we see in the other person’s eye.

The hypocrite, says Jesus, believes he is without fault and so qualified to remove the mote from the sight of his brother. Jesus says to the hypocrite, “You’ve got to remove that beam from your own eye before you can possibly recognize much less remove the mote from your brother’s eye!”

And what is that beam in your eye? Perhaps self-righteousness – also known as spiritual pride – is the biggest, most destructive beam that can lodge itself in our eye. Removing it is a task best left to God, the Holy Spirit. Ask Him; He is fully capable and willing to remove that big plank that gets in His way!


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  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Leroy. I thought I’d lost this post; and figured God wanted me to re-write it. When I published it, I discovered the other one already posted. Big surprise. I guess God wanted this one said in two different ways! God’s blessings. Carley

    1. lambskinny says:

      Once more I seem to be confused — sorry Butch!

      1. lambskinny says:

        Okay I’m going in circles — now your Gravatar says Leroy again. So, I figure Butch is your nickname? Or you and Butch look a lot alike!!! Help.

  2. Freedomborn says:

    Yes Carly Jesus does warn us not to judge others by our own agenda but what many do not understand is what the Scripture you shared is referring to, because God also tells us to rebuke those in the Church who are sinning, to correct error, to warn others who are in danger of falling into sin and to test the spirit of those who teach falsely and we need to judge others to do these things. Jesus, Paul, and others in the Scriptures judged others but God does not contradict Himself or does He change His mind but people trust in their own understanding or others who are confused and they also read Scripture out of context or not as a whole picture and they ignore other Scripture because they don’t understand them and this is why they are in error. I will give more detail tomorrow about the Scripture you shared and what judging is and is not, it’s 2. 30 in the morning here, I have been to bed but the dog woke me, but I’m feeling tired again.

    Christian Love Anne

  3. mtsweat says:

    Thanks for this great reminder, Carley. We are, by nature, a people determined to find faults in others, while never considering our own. Interestingly, whenever we find Jesus placing judgement upon those He encountered, it seems it was always the religious, who considered themselves without flaw. Fortunately, by His own declaration, He didn’t come to deliver those who needed no deliverance, but the sick and the perishing. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless, Carley.

    1. lambskinny says:

      Thanks Michael. Notice God had me write this particular note TWICE! What a Saviour! Blessings! Carley

  4. lambskinny says:

    Thank you Patricia!

  5. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Carley, I do try to condense but it is not always possible sometimes detail is needed like in the Scriptures, sorry in regard to your limited attention span or concentration that you shared about, we need to pray for healing, so you don’t miss what is important.

    Whenever God tells us not to judge in the Scriptures, He is talking about it coming from the flesh and being unloving and condemning, this is carnal and worldly and based on man made rules and their agenda.

    When God asks us to judge others, it is to be by His Truth and in Love and for Love. If we genuinely Love those in the body of Christ, it will motivate us to protect them, to help those who are in deception by sharing God’s Truth, to correct error, to warn those who are sinning without repentance and we will do this regardless of the cost to us personally… Jesus tells us when we stand up for His Truth, what we say and ourselves will be rejected by those who don’t want the Light of Truth to expose their Carnal fleshy agenda so we will be abused, mocked, ignored and even killed and this is happening in some Countries today, Christians are being Martyred for sharing God’s Truth.

    The Scriptures you shared that were referring to the beam or plank is warning us not to judge others weaknesses and shortcomings, we have too many of our own, well at least I have. If we judge others by what we think is acceptable we are judging ourselves, it’s like looking at them and seeing our own reflection or as they say, it’s one finger pointing at them and the other 3 at us, this is the same as judging that others are sinning by man made rules.

    We are also never to judge a persons eternal Destiny only God knows this, a person my still come to heart repentance on their deathbed, yes it will be a wasted life and their fleshy works will be burnt up but they will escape the flames. We are also to Love those who call us their enemies and hurt and use us and we are to always be willing to forgive them, but of course they can’t receive our forgiveness until they repent and when they do we are to restore them and not hold any bitterness or resentment or seek revenge and we won’t if our flesh has been put to death and we are walking in Love.

    Jesus stood up for His Father and this included speaking against false teaching, and everything to do with the evil flesh nature, He did not condemn but judged in Love and forgave but said go and sin no more, we see this in His Parables and when talking to the Disciples and Paul did the same, we are indeed to judge and rebuke in Love and we will when we walk in The Spirit as they did also in the early Church.

    Christian Love Anne.

  6. Lambskinny says:

    Thanks Jeff!

  7. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Jeffrey and Drusilla!

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