“We Have Redemption” ( Ephesians 1: 7, HCSB ) by Carley Evans

Here and there in the Word of God, the good news — the gospel — is captured in a single verse. I love these verses.

We find one of the best in the opening of Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus. Paul writes:

“We have redemption in Him…”

Paul means our redemption is in Jesus Christ, and by implication in none other.

“through His blood…”

Our salvation is achieved through the shedding of the blood of our Lord Jesus on the cross at Golgotha. The blood of goats and bulls are no longer necessary. We now have…

“the forgiveness of our trespasses…”

Meaning our sins are washed away through Christ’s shed blood, resulting in God’s forgiveness, which is…

“according to the riches of His grace…” (Ephesians 1:7)

In a second verse, Paul continues, telling us God’s grace is a gift and God’s grace is rich. Actually, God’s grace is…

“lavished on us…”

Sound foolish? Only to the unbelieving. To us, who are being saved, it is the power of God. He pours out His grace on us…

“with all wisdom and understanding.” (Ephesians 1:8)

His grace is not accidental.





8 Comments Add yours

  1. lambskinny says:

    Patricia, thank you so very much for your readership. I’m glad you like my note. God bless. Carley

  2. SPTP2011 says:

    I love the little tidbits of love God gives us
    Thank you
    Prayers for your day

    1. lambskinny says:

      You’re so welcome Susie! God bless!

  3. lambskinny says:

    Thanks MT : God bless!

  4. Jeff says:

    Beautiful words…

    1. lambskinny says:

      God’s Words are beautiful, aren’t they Jeff! Blessings to you, Carley

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