“In A Large Place” ( Psalm 118:5-6, KJV ) by Carley Evans

Christ in Gethsemane (Christus in Gethsemane),...
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In the garden of Gethsemane, while sweating blood, Jesus likely recalls these words:

“I call upon the LORD in distress: the LORD answers me, and sets me in a large place. The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”

These words He likely remembers as He faces the cross, and the emptiness of the universe when God the Father turns from the Son. What man is to do to Jesus causes the Son of Man to pray for this cup of intense suffering to bypass Him if possible. Yet, says Jesus, not as I want but as You will, Father. Jesus experiences simultaneously an excruciating dread of what His obedience to the Father costs, and an open willingness to obey the Father despite that cost.

Jesus is in a large place. He pivots in time with all results dependent upon His response to the betraying kiss of Judas. In this moment of great temptation, Jesus quietly asks: Must you betray Me with a kiss? then submits Himself to the will of mankind. Jesus knows the Lord is on His side.

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