“In A Lifeboat” ( 1 Corinthians 10: 13, Wycliffe ) by Carley Evans

Here on earth, we are all in the lifeboat together. The ship is going down, and we huddle in one dingy. Nothing happens to one of us that is particularly unique; suffering is spread universally. At one time, all of us are in danger of drowning. Some of us seem to suffer more than others, but nothing new is under the sun. Paul writes:
“Temptation take not you, but man’s temptationfor God is true, which shall not suffer you to be tempted above that that ye be able; but he shall make with temptation also purveyance, that ye be able to suffer [that ye may sustain].”

Being able to foresee the way out of temptation helps us sustain hope; helps us overcome our situation. Just knowing our lifeboat isn’t sinking uplifts our hearts. Those who stay on the sinking ship or who refuse to climb or be pulled into the lifeboat drown. Those who are in the dingy but think they are in the water, up over their heads, live in despair and fear.

Dinghy on the prom
Dinghy on the prom (Photo credit: jimmedia)

We who know we are secure in the lifeboat are able to live in peace and joy. The way out is a given.

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