“Worship In Spirit” ( John 4:24, WYC ) by Carley Evans

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

For Adam and Eve, knowing God is easy in contrast to us, who must come to know God through a veil of shadow, sin, and death. Why do you think the veil between us and the holy of holies is ripped asunder when Jesus dies? The veil is torn in two to demonstrate we no longer need struggle; from now on we know God because He knows us. We love God because He first loves us.

“[I Am] a Spirit, and it behooveth them that worship [Me], to worship in spirit and truth.”

“For why My thoughts be not your thoughts, and My ways be not your ways, saith the Lord.”
(Isaiah 55:8)

Worship of God, who is Spirit, must proceed from our spirit. Our flesh is incapable of worshiping the Lord. Indeed, the Holy Spirit within us is the One who actually worships God in and through us. This is similar to allowing a current to carry you down a river; the more you struggle the more you disrupt the flow and the more likely you are to sink.

Leave the flesh worship behind. Worship God in spirit and in truth.

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