“Love Light” ( Psalm 97:10, WYC ) by Carley Evans

A powerful light shines in the dark.

In this particular political climate, a lot of people are spouting hatred of evil.

“10 Ye that love the Lord, hate evil (Ye who love the Lord, hate evil); the Lord keepeth (safe) the souls of his saints; he shall deliver them from the hand of the sinner.”

Christians do indeed abhor the murder of unborn children, the euthanasia of innocent elderly, the almost slave labor wages of the poorest of the poor — the migrant worker, the destruction of our atmosphere by pollutants, though illegal, that continue to be pumped out of smokestacks or drained into rivers and oceans, the murders and suicides, the illicit and licit drug abuse. We can go on, can’t we? God calls us to “hate evil,” but more than that He calls us to love Him, to seek the light.

“11 Light is risen to the rightful man; and gladness to rightful men of heart. (Light hath risen for the righteous; and gladness for those with upright hearts.”

In this politically and socially disruptive time, the words we use to express our hatred of evil need to be couched, I believe, in love. Jesus confronts, but the only persons He truly insults are those who supposedly belong to His household — the religious leaders of His day. And, yes, He angers at those using His temple for gain. But He treats the sinners He meets as friends, not enemies. Yet, through John, Jesus warns:

“19And this is the doom, for light came into the world, and men loved more darknesses than light; for their works were evil.

20 For each man that doeth evil, hateth the light; and he cometh not to the light [and cometh not to the light], that his works be not reproved.

And Jesus encourages:

21 But he that doeth truth, cometh to the light, that his works be showed, that they be done in God.” (John 3: 19-21)

7 thoughts on ““Love Light” ( Psalm 97:10, WYC ) by Carley Evans

  1. Beautiful post and excellent reminder that we are called to be the Light of the world. We were made to reflect God’s glory and Goodness, and above all, be love.

    Thank you for sharing.


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