“Reason Of That Faith” ( 1 Peter 3: 15, WYC ) by Carley Evans

People worship gods of their own making; the reasons for this are explained in sociology textbooks — I’m sure. Maybe people worship stone carvings or imaginary beings because people can’t handle life on their own in this big universe. At any rate, apparently most people believe in a god, a higher power. Peter writes to the Christian:

“But hallow [honor] ye the Lord Christ in your hearts, and evermore be ye ready to [do] satisfaction to each man asking you reason of that faith and hope that is in you, but with mildness and dread,”

I can’t remember the last time anyone asked me why I have faith and hope in me. I’m not certain anyone is aware that I have hope and faith in me. I look in the mirror; I look about the same as everyone else. My work culture calls for behaviors that most Christians recognize as “Christ-like,” so I don’t particularly stand out there.

My defense, my satisfaction, is usually in written form — typed on WordPress and added on Facebook. I don’t know if I satisfy those who might want to understand the reason for my hope in Christ. Only one reason comes to mind: I hope in Christ because He takes hold of my life and never lets go.


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