“The Priest Is The Lamb” ( Hebrews 7:25, HCSB ) by Carley Evans


“But because [Christ] remains forever, He holds His priesthood permanently. Therefore, He is always able to save those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them.”

Under the old covenant, the priest literally stands between the people and God. Annually, the priest offers an unblemished lamb as a sacrificial substitute for the people, their sins burning up along with the body of the lamb, the sweet fragrance satisfying the wrath of the Lord. The people come to God through the priest; God accepts them because of the lamb.

The author of Hebrews may as well shout. For under the new covenant — the better covenant — the priest “remains forever,” and “always lives to intercede for [the people].” Under the new covenant — the final covenant — the priest is the Lamb! And, the sacrifice is once for all. And, the Priest lives forever, always able to intercede for each and every one “who comes to God through Him.”

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  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Middle Age Ramblings, Susie, Betsy and Laurie. Blessings!

  2. “Once for all” . . . so true, and how offensive it must be to God when people still seek to offer sacrifices to Him for their sins.

    Our sins, once confessed and repented, are completely GONE! – and NOTHING can do this apart from the totally efficacious blood of Christ.

    What an amazing Saviour!

    1. lambskinny says:

      Amen, Meeting In the Clouds. You are so right. Blessngs, Carley

  3. mtsweat says:

    …and that should make us shout, Carley! Praise the Lord, the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world is the Mediator, the High Priest, our High Priest. He can rightly justify and remain just, because He did it all Himself. Glory and honor to the Lamb who sits on the Throne. God bless, good friend.

    1. lambskinny says:

      Yes, Michael — Christ did it all for Himself and for us! Therefore, all praises to Him! Amen. Carley

  4. lambskinny says:

    Thanks very much, Joe.

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