“Permanence” ( Matthew 24:35, WYC ) by Carley Evans

Words have a power all their own
(Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

Jesus says, “heaven and earth shall pass, but My Words shall not pass.” What’s permanent in the universe? Jesus says that God’s Word is everlasting, unchanging, permanent just as He is everlasting, unchanging, permanent. Although parts of God’s Word are difficult to understand; nevertheless, they are not going to disappear. These Words of God can not be removed from the rest because they are inconvenient or hard to accept or a mystery to us.

What’s remarkable to me is how at one time in life a passage of God’s Word might be inscrutable and later become clear as crystal. Why the difference? Experience? Or perhaps blessing? Maybe a little of one, and a lot of the other? The eventual illumination of a previously obscure and even impossible statement in God’s Word makes Jesus’ promise even more precious to me. I realize that eventually God’s Word will be made fully known to those He loves. We will no longer see through a glass darkly, but we will know as we are fully known.

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