“No Cause To Stumble” ( Psalm 119:165, WYC ) by Carley Evans

English: Peace, Love and Increase

What causes a Christian to stumble? God’s Word says that love of God’s Law gives “much peace” and “no cause of stumbling.” Doesn’t it follow, then, that when a Christian stumbles – I presume, sins – the cause is a lack of love for God’s Law.

So, what is God’s Law? Jesus says the greatest commandment (i.e. God’s Law) is to love the Lord your God with all the strength of your heart, your soul, your mind. And the second greatest is like it – it calls on the Christian to love his or her neighbor in the same manner as self-love.

Of course, it’s not enough to understand God’s Law. We must incorporate this law of Love into our very selves. If we love, it follows we will have peace and will have no reason to stumble.

Paul reminds that sin is anything done outside of faith. Faith is being certain of things unseen. My faith rests squarely on the accomplished work of Jesus Christ, and on absolutely nothing else. His Love – His ability to fully love – is what I rely upon. Outside of His Love, I am nothing.

“Much peace is to them that love thy law; and no cause of stumbling is to them. (There is much peace for those who love thy Law; and they have no reason to slip, or to stumble.)”

8 thoughts on ““No Cause To Stumble” ( Psalm 119:165, WYC ) by Carley Evans

  1. Hey Carley, great post! I do have one question. I know where exactly did Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul and strength……..but do you think he really expected you to be able to accomplish it?

    I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts. I’m working on a post about a major difference between Old and New Covenants and it has to do with this particular concept.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts.


    1. Under my own power, no. Under His power, yes. That’s the primary difference between Old Covenant thinking and New Covenant thinking – one is Hagar, the other is Sarah. Get rid of the slave woman for she can NOT fulfill the promises made by God. Only Sarah who laughs at God’s promises at first is able to find her way to obedience through faith in God’s promises. Thanks so much, brywieb.

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