I needed to read this particular post by Brian this morning. I’m so glad the Lord lead me to his blog SUMMATHETES. Perhaps you’ll stop by, too.


I have a generic hearing loss. A few years ago I was finally diagnosed. I got hearing aids. And I came to really appreciate what I had been missing.

The loss I had experienced had been so gradual, over time, that I had simply made adjustments to how my ears weren’t functioning. That is, until I had restored, in one “fitting,” what I had lost.

And that has given me a renewed appreciation for “parts of the body” working well–even though I have artificial parts now. When the battery goes out in a hearing aid (or you have a “technical difficulty” like I have been having over the past few weeks), it’s really obvious. Some part is not fully functioning! And because the loss is substantial and in a short window of time (rather than gradual over a long period of time), the loss is dramatic. It’s not that the…

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