“A Lowly Branch” ( John 15:5,8; WYC ) by Carley Evans

Without Christ, we can’t do anything. Jesus says, “for without Me, ye be able to nothing do.” Nothing. Let that word ring in your head until your ears shake from the emptiness of the word – nothing.

Actually this is a hard concept to grasp – that without Jesus Christ, I can’t do anything! I can’t become His; I can’t “be made His disciple;” I can’t “bring forth full much fruit.”

Jesus is the vine; I’m a lowly branch. I’ll die if I become disconnected from my life source.

Jesus says:

“In this thing My Father is clarified.”




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  1. Without Jesus I’m fine. I can’t think of anything i need Jesus for, myself.

    1. lambskinny says:

      Well, of course, you are most welcome to your opinion but I beg to differ. You most definitely need Jesus. We all do, as a matter of fact. Many blessings, Carley

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