“Twisted Out of Its True Pattern” ( Philippians 2:14-16, KNOX ) by Carley Evans

(Photo credit: Neal.)

Almost no way to make this any clearer, is there? The world is twisted out of shape; the original pattern is warped so that people no longer match it. What is the original pattern? The image of God for we were created in His image, according to Genesis anyway – if you believe you were created, that is.

In the midst of twisted people, we who are Christians shine like stars, like beacons.

Because we represent God in the world, Paul implores us not to bring reproach upon the Name of God. We should not complain. We should not hesitate to act in a manner consistent with Jesus Christ.

I think the problem comes down to our understanding of who Jesus is. How does He treat the people around Him? What do we see in the four gospels? What is our true pattern?

In the four gospels, I see a man (who is also God) who heals sicknesses, drives out demons, seeks out lost, lonely people, feeds, and loves.

Who do you see?

“Do all that lies in you, never complaining, never hesitating, to shew yourselves innocent and single-minded, God’s children, bringing no reproach on his name. You live in an age that is twisted out of its true pattern, and among such people you shine out, beacons to the world, upholding the message of life. Thus, when the day of Christ comes, I shall be able to boast of a life not spent in vain, of labours not vainly undergone.”

5 thoughts on ““Twisted Out of Its True Pattern” ( Philippians 2:14-16, KNOX ) by Carley Evans

  1. The perfect world God made was affected by sin and the curse. But there are still shadows, reflections, or echoes of that world. Most marriages end in divorce, but when a couple stays happily married for 50 or 60 years, that is like an echo of what God intended. As the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel fades and cracks with age, one can still imagine how it once appeared. So it is with good parents, faithful friends, lasting marriage, etc. The world may be twisted, but God’s hand can also still be seen.

    1. Hi Clark!
      Yes, there are ‘shadows’ of God in this world, but we are the beacons of God’s light if we allow Him to be seen through us.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Many blessings, Carley

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