“Ask for the Good Stuff” ( Matthew 7:7-8, WYC ) by Carley Evans

Douglas_Hamilton, Wild Dogs...25.
Douglas_Hamilton, Wild Dogs…25. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before Jesus says this:

“Ask ye, and it shall be given to you; seek ye, and ye shall find; knock ye, and it shall be opened to you. For each that asketh, taketh; and he that seeketh, findeth; and it shall be opened to him, that knocketh;”

He says not to throw your pearls to swine in case you are trampled to death by them or torn to pieces by wild dogs.

Before He warns of throwing yourself away, He warns not to judge others.

After He says to ask, seek, and knock, He reminds that God does not give bad things to His people, but only good things. Just as a parent does not give stones to hungry children, so God does not give worthless things to His children.

So, stop judging. Use discernment instead. And ask for what’s good, fully expecting to receive it. Seek it out so you find it. Knock and go in.

6 thoughts on ““Ask for the Good Stuff” ( Matthew 7:7-8, WYC ) by Carley Evans

  1. Amen! We need to stop judging those around us and learn to accept them for who they are and where they are. What a difference we can make if we love others with the love of Christ!

  2. Good post! judging is not the same thing as discernment. There is a difference. How can we be sure we are discerning and not judging?

    1. Joe-
      Discernment is recognition that something is not right for you because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Yes you may see that it is not right under any circumstances but you step into judgment when you begin to exclude others or condemn them. We are NOT God who sees the heart and knows the motives of all persons. Discern what is good. Leave judging others to God.

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