“Over the Wall” ( Psalm 18: 25-29, WYC ) by Carley Evans

IMG_1140With the holy, with the innocent, with the chosen, with the meek; God delivers from temptation. In God, these people “shall go over the wall.” Their lanterns shall brighten and God shall make them safe. He shall deliver them from temptation, and light up their darknesses. So says David, the psalmist:

25 With the holy, thou shalt be holy; and with an innocent man, thou shalt be innocent. (With the holy, O Lord, thou shalt be holy; and with the innocent, thou shalt be innocent.)

26 And with a chosen man, thou shalt be chosen; and with a wayward man, thou shalt be wayward. (And with the chosen, thou shalt be chosen; but to the wicked, thou shalt be vengeful, or punishing.)

27 For thou shalt make safe a meek people; and thou shalt make meek the eyes of proud men. (And thou shalt save, or help, the poor; but thou shalt humble those who be high in their own eyes/but thou shalt look with contempt upon the proud.)

28 For thou, Lord, lightenest my lantern; my God, lighten thou my darknesses. (For thou, Lord, brightenest my lantern; my God, thou lightest up my darknesses.)

29 For by thee I shall be delivered from temptation; and in my God I shall go over the wall. (For I shall be rescued, or saved, from temptation by thee; and by my God/and with God’s help, I shall go over the wall.)


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  1. lambskinny says:

    Thanks Angie and Pastor Davis.

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