“Suffer the Little Children” by Carley Evans

SSPX0369Stephen King stirred me with his tweet about the odd behavior of some evangelical Christians — an almost schizophrenic behavior. Supposedly evangelicals believe God is love and know Jesus warned not to prevent children from coming to Him. Jesus said something akin to “better to put a giant grinding stone around your neck and fling yourself into the sea than to keep one of these kids from getting close to Me.” Yet, some evangelical ( or fundamentalist or conservative Christians ) are up in arms to keep destitute, desperate South American children from crossing our borders.

Well, you might argue, that doesn’t keep these kids from coming to Christ. Really? Are you sure about that?

So, let’s look at another story Jesus told.

Remember the poor man who was fell upon by robbers along a road and left for dead? Remember the supposedly decent human beings who walked right by him, not offering to help him in the least? Sounds a bit like these schizophrenic evangelical Christians who — as Paul laments — see themselves in the mirror, turn away and forget what they are supposed to look like.

Now I include myself among evangelical Christians though I am not willing to align myself with those who call themselves “conservative.” Conservative is almost a dirty word. Conservative can sometimes mean — in my mind and in the minds of many many liberal thinking persons — “narrow-minded”, “hateful”, “violent”, “racist”, “wicked” — well I could go on but then I’d be too “conservative” for my taste.


He doesn’t ask us to judge. He doesn’t ask us to enforce His Laws — oops. Actually the one Law God asks us to enforce is the one that says “Love others as yourself.”

If we love others, then how can we turn our backs on these children? We can’t, not if we are truly Christian.

11 thoughts on ““Suffer the Little Children” by Carley Evans

  1. Wait a minute…you voted for Obama…one of the most pro-abortion Presidents ever. “Suffer the little children?” Secure our borders, is a no…but murder is okay?

    1. Abortion is murder and is not okay. If you read any of my other posts (tag: abortion) you’ll know I am not a supporter of the supposed right to choose. How is it ever right to choose to kill your own child?!

      1. But it is okay to vote for and praise a man who supports abortion during the whole 9 months?

        1. It’s okay for me but I wouldn’t ever say it’s okay for you or anyone else – it is for each one to vote his or her conscience. I don’t think I could ever make you understand why I could NOT vote for Sarah Palin.

    2. I have one other thing to say about this — whatever happened to the Christian understanding of “turn the other cheek”; whatever happened to our understanding of “If the thief takes your shirt, give him your coat as well”? I truly believe we’ve lost our way — that we have NO IDEA who JESUS is. I pray for ALL of us.

  2. I also think of an event in the gospels in which Jesus’ disciples suggest the hungry crowd go to their own towns and villages and homes for food rather than have the two fishes and loaves of bread the disciples can gather. Jesus says, “No, you feed them.”

    We can’t escape it — God calls us to a sacrificial love. Saying that it is NOT our country and those are NOT our children is just lame and holds no weight with our Creator.

    If that’s not obvious to you as a Christian, well — perhaps you should pray and re-read the Word of God.

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