Be Long-suffering as One Chosen by God (Colossians 3:12 New Matthew Bible (NMB) by Carley Evans

12 Now therefore, as chosen by God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, and long-suffering,
I love the positive aspects of the Christian way of living. These positives include: mercy, love, peace, kindness, humility, meekness, patience. We are called to be ‘long-suffering’ (patient) in our approach to others because God has chosen us, and called us ‘holy’, marking us as his beloved. Our model of patience, of course, is Jesus. Jesus lost His patience rarely and always with those who put man’s religious traditions above God’s purposes. Jesus turned over the tables in the temple because men were using God’s holy place to make money rather than to serve others and Him. He scolded the religious leaders of His day because they made their followers even more fit for Hell than they were before being touched by religion.
Otherwise, Jesus showed incredible patience with those who followed Him imperfectly, with those who mocked Him, with those who knew who He was, but refused to worship Him as God, and with those who plotted and ultimately tortured and murdered Him on the Cross. Jesus, if He was an angry man, did not show this ire. Rather, He extended His love to others at all times. He showed mercy to sinners. He fed the hungry. He healed the sick. He cried for those who suffered loss and injustice. He prayed for His followers. He raised the dead.
We are to love one another, for certain; but we must extend this same love to those who are lost in the world, who do not know this kind of long-suffering, this level of mercy, this incredible compassion. When we are patient with others, we show them the face of our God.

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