“Celebrate God’s Love” ( Psalm 59: 16, NEB ) by Carley Evans

“But I sing of Your strength, and celebrate Your love when morning comes; for You are my strong tower and a sure retreat in days of trouble.”


“In [God’s] anger is disquiet, in His favour there is life. Tears may linger at nightfall, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5) Therefore, when morning comes, leave behind your sorrow. Abandon it; for God’s anger toward His children lasts but a moment whereas His love for us is eternal — guaranteed by His Son’s sacrifice and sealed with His Holy Spirit. God “turns [our] laments into dancing; [He] strips off [our] sackcloth and clothes [us] with joy, that [our] spirits may sing psalms to [Him] and never cease.” (Psalm 30:11,12)


God is “[our] strong tower.” He is “a sure retreat in days of trouble.” He “makes [His] face shine upon [His] servants; [He] saves [us] in His unfailing love.” (Psalms 31:16) How is it that we do not celebrate God’s amazing love?


Rejoice! “Exult and shout for joy and do [God] homage!” (Revelation 19:7)