“I Had A Dream!” ( Jeremias 23: 23-25, KNOX ) by Carley Evans

Water dream
Water dream (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


23 God am I, the Lord says, only when I stand near, and not when I am far away? 24 Where, he would know, will you hide so close that he is not watching you, he, the Lord, that fills heaven and earth? 25 No word, he says, but reaches my ears when one of these prophets gives false guidance in my name; I had a dream, he will tell you, I had a dream!


The world of the internet with its social media opens my eyes and mental ears to this refrain “I had a dream!” rather more often than when I walk down the street. Often the refrain is “God gave me a dream, and in this dream He said…”

Is this prophecy? I peruse some of these “dreams” occasionally ( not very often ) and always wonder how someone is able to say “this came from God.”

Look at the Holy Scripture. Think how many years and how many men ( mostly men ) read and prayed over it to decide if it belonged in the Canon, if it is actually God’s infallible Word. Then think about that person on Facebook or Twitter whose dream is supposedly from God.

I cringe.


Cleaning Up

This morning, I cleaned up my blogroll. I discovered a few links directing myself and others to ‘dead’ or ‘failed’ blogs — one was a duplicate, living blog!

I can’t remember but on one blog I checked out a few minutes ago, I found the definition of mission — a task for a specific person or group of people. My mission is this blog, my facebook wall, my facebook page, and my other blog — obsecrations.

Sad to find others who lost the drive to continue blogging — dare I say ‘for the Lord?

Where does that drive come from? I think those of you who blog ‘for the Lord’ despite the appearance of limited readership know that answer.

“A Kingdom Falling” ( Mark 3: 24, HCSB ) by Carley Evans

Jesus uses an example to illustrate how He can not possibly be driving out demons by the power behind the very same demons. He says, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Now we know that Jesus does not fabricate His illustrations; rather everything which proceeds from His mouth is Truth at its utmost. Therefore, Jesus is warning us.

Our nation — which for those of us who live in the United States of America is a sort of kingdom on earth — is divided against itself. Our two opposing political parties are rampantly hostile to an extent that little seems to be accomplished within our massive government system. Do you know that Colonel Q’uadafi actually sent a letter of thanks to our congress when it sanctioned our president for his support of the NATO Alliance in Libya? What a fiasco! No matter which side of the aisle one sits, this division is one which haunts us in the world community.

We are a kingdom falling because we are divided. Our disagreements are not polite but contentious. We create “events” on Facebook calling for a day in which we give our president “the bird” — a gesture which is hardly loving and definitely not reflective of our Lord Jesus!

Once we are on our knees as a nation, watch out — the vultures will descend upon us to devour what’s left of our country. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.