“God’s Voice” ( Job 37: 5 – 6, NEB ) by Carley Evans

“God’s voice is marvellous in its working; He does great deeds that pass our knowledge. For He says to the snow, ‘Fall to earth’, and to the rainstorms, ‘Be fierce.’ ”


“Listen, listen to the thunder of God’s voice and the rumbling of His utterance.” (Job 37: 2)


With His voice, God brings forth all that is — the entire universe. He speaks, and light comes forth. He speaks and light is separated from dark. He speaks and heaven and earth spring into existence. God speaks and plants emerge. He speaks and stars exist. He speaks and animals come forth. God speaks and creates man, male and female. On the last day, God rests “from all the work He has set Himself to do.” (Genesis 2: 3)


With the power of His Word, we ask: “can any man dictate to God when He is to speak? or command Him to make proclamation?” (Job 37: 20)


Often it seems we get an idea that we are able — somehow — to manipulate God into doing for us, almost as if God is Santa Claus.


Job does not attempt to manipulate God. Instead, Job hopes to be “cut off,” “snatched away,” “crushed” by God. (Job 6: 8, 9) He cries out, “Oh how shall I find help within myself? The power to aid myself is put out of my reach.” (Job 6: 13) Job is desperate under the weight of God’s attention. Sometimes, His attention is overwhelming; and the struggle is indeed against Him — against His way, against His thought, against His will.


God’s voice thunders in the ears — all His power evident to those who listen. Like Job, the best response is awe, humility, repentance, obedience.