“So Ridiculous” (Jeremiah 23: 24, HCSB) by Carley Evans

God asks us pointedly how it is that we think we are able to hide from Him. After all, He fills the heavens and the earth. As David laments, no matter where he tries to hide from God’s presence, God is in that place. To hide our sins from God is downright silly.

Perhaps God is somewhat amused at our attempts to claim innocence. Granted this is conjecture; therefore I emphasize the word “perhaps.” Maybe Jesus laughs at some point in His walk among us. His gentle rebuke of Martha as she struggles to maintain household order while casting blame on her sister, Mary who sits — seemingly idle and lazy — at Jesus’ feet, is possibly filled with this holy amusement. Jesus appears amused that Martha is ultra-busy, concerned about an orderly house which does not matter in the least in the face of who He is and the opportunity she is squandering. Mary makes the better choice of the two women; and Jesus does not appear angry at Martha, but rather amused at her poor choice. His anger is against her desire to place blame on her sister.

A great intelligence such as God’s must play. How can we even imagine what sort of play occupies our God? Creation certainly does. He continues His involvement in creation; and He surely — perhaps — is amused at His creations, at one time or another.

That we try to hide our sins is so ridiculous, I can not imagine that God does not smile wryly at us even as He wields His awesome discipline.