“One Name Everywhere” ( Zacharias 14:9, KNOX ) by Carley Evans

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva (Photo credit: askgandhi)

The solution to world turmoil and cultural hatred is simple, yet illusive.

and over all the earth the Lord shall be king, one Lord, called everywhere by one name.

Wars are started and sustained by religious zealotry. World peace will come only when the Lord God is called everywhere by one name.

Lord Buddah
Lord Buddah (Photo credit: Venkataramesh.Kommoju)

“A Narrow-Minded Man Makes Gods” ( Jeremiah 17: 20, NEB ) by Carley Evans

When I was 22, an acquaintance told me she’d taken the best of Buddhism, the best of Hinduism, the best of Christianity, the best of humanism and rolled these “bests” into one god. Her god was a mighty conglomeration. She spoke delicately about – but with no particular love for – this god. She’d even designed a symbol for her god, one she wore on a chain around her neck. She never recognized she was worshiping her own creation.God, through His prophet Jeremiah, asks, “Can a man make gods for himself? They would be no gods. Therefore I Am teaching them, once for all I will teach them My power and My might, and they shall learn that My Name is the Lord.” (Jeremiah 17:20-21)

Through Isaiah, God declares:

“If a man makes a god or casts an image, his labour is wasted. Why! its votaries show their folly; the craftsman too are but men. Let them all gather and confront Me, all will be afraid and look the fools they are.” (Isaiah 44:10-11)

From a cedar or an oak tree planted in his yard, a man cuts wood for his fire while simultaneously carving a god to worship beside that same fire. He says, “Good! I can feel the heat, I am growing warm.” (Isaiah 44:16) And to the same piece of tree, he says: “Save me, for thou are my god.” (Isaiah 44:17)

God says, “Such people neither know nor understand, their eyes made too blind, their minds too narrow to discern. Such a man will not use his reason, he has neither the wit nor the sense” to recognize that he has created his own god from “a log of wood.” (Isaiah 44:18-20)

My acquaintance was a smart person; unfortunately she was also narrow-minded.