“Raised Up From” ( Isaiah 55:8-9, WYC ) by Carley Evans

In case you wonder why we don’t understand God, He tells us the reason. He says as far as the heaven is from the earth is similar to how far above us are His ways and His thoughts. God is beyond us, above us, raised up from us.

For why my thoughts be not your thoughts, and my ways be not your ways, saith the Lord. For as (the) heavens be raised (up) from (the) earth, so my ways be raised (up) from your ways, and my thoughts from your thoughts. 

Makes understanding the reason behind Christ’s entrance into the world a bit easier, however. If God is so far removed from us, then His coming as an infant – actually on the earth – makes perfect sense. How else are we to grasp who He really is? So much better is Jesus than Moses. So much better is the new covenant than the old – hearts not of stone, but of flesh and blood where God’s love is written directly by His Holy Spirit. 

That Jesus comes to earth is because God is raised up from us. Jesus descended to us so that we might live again.

“To The Unbelieving” ( Titus 1: 15-16, HCSB ) by Carley Evans

Hypocrites — people who pretend to believe that which they know in their heart they do not believe — “are detestable, disobedient, and disqualified for any good work.” (Titus 1:16) These are the “unbelieving” who “profess to know God” but do not know Him at all. They do not know Him; therefore, they do not believe in Him.

“To the pure, everything is pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure.” (Titus 1:15)

Hypocrites are people whose “minds and consciences are defiled.” To them, “nothing is pure.” (Titus 1:15) Everything is suspect; everything is filthy. They are “full of empty talk and deception.” They teach “in order to get money dishonestly.” (Titus 1:10, 11)

Hypocrites are pretenders.