“Perfect Peace” (Isaiah 26: 4, ESV) by Carley Evans

When I focus on the Lord, my mind is kept in perfect peace. As long as Peter keeps his eyes on Jesus walking on the water, he is able to walk on water, too. As long as I know my Lord is an everlasting rock upon which I am able to stand, I will remain there; and I will not fear the storms which rage about me. Peter only sinks when he loses his focus on Christ.

Peter throws his net out because Jesus tells him to do so. He doesn’t really expect results. Yet, Peter catches fish — so many fish. He catches fish because he trusts Jesus.

Miracles happen, even when I don’t expect them. I turn and see them, surprised and delighted that God loves me so much. He protects me; and my gratitude is palpable. In the ordinary chain of events which should result in disaster — but miraculously don’t, I see God’s hand.

I doubt that Peter, James, and John expect Jesus to transfigure before them on the mountaintop. I imagine they are pleased to be spending time with Him, time alone on a hike. But, I doubt they expect to see His face shine “like the sun, and His clothes become white as light.” (Matthew 17: 2)

So often, the ordinary turns extraordinary. God appears, fully evident to us. Peter, James, and John want to build three tents, and stay there! Thrilled to experience the full glory of God, they decide it is “good that we are here.” (Matthew 17: 4)

Better to carry that mountaintop experience with you — by trusting in the Lord. Keep your mind “stayed on” God; and He “will keep [you] in perfect peace.” (Isaiah 26: 3)