“So Shall God Rejoice Over You” (Isaiah 62: 4 – 5, ESV) by Carley Evans

Do you imagine God rejoicing over you? Do you see and hear Jesus rejoicing over you as He hangs on the Cross? Do you see Him crossing pastures in search of you, His lost sheep? Do you feel His crook against your neck?

God is your maker; He is your bridegroom. He desires you to be beautiful, adorned with His glory for you are His bride. He washes you Himself, and fills you with His Holy Spirit. He marks you on the forehead and the hand with His Promised Seal.

He says to you, “You shall no more be termed Forsaken.” You are found by Him, and carried in His strong arms. He keeps you safe from all harm, giving you only what is ultimately perfect for you. He calls you: “My Delight Is in Her.”

Let us thank our God who loves us so.