“Treasured By Our Father God” (John 1: 12 – 13, KJV) by Carley Evans

To those of us who believe in His Son, God gives the right and the power to become His children. Our birthright comes not from ourselves, not from the will of our earthly parents, not from our own wills or from our own desires, but from His will and His desire.

God has a plan, a blueprint He follows. He marks us with Himself — His own Holy Spirit once we are washed with the blood of His Son, Jesus the Christ. Like the potter who stamps his clay creations with his mark, so God marks us with His seal, the promised Holy Spirit. We become His possessions. We are liked signed masterpieces hung in an art gallery, each one unique and treasured by our Father; each one insured against loss, theft, damage.

Great art only increases in value. Great art does nothing in and of itself, certainly nothing which causes it to become great art. The artist is the valuable asset; the art is only a reflection of Him.