“So They Argue Before The King” ( 1 Kings 3: 22, HCSB ) by Carley Evans

Two prostitutes come to Solomon, the king to seek his wisdom. Both claim to be the true mother of a surviving infant and not the mother of a deceased infant. Both live in the same house; both give birth about the same time. One infant dies in the night; the other lives. Both mothers, of course, claim the living child.

“The first woman says, ‘ My son is the living one; your son is the dead one.’ So they argue before the king.”

Solomon listens to both women, then says, ‘Bring me a sword.’ (1 Kings 3:24) With the sword in hand, Solomon orders that the infant be brought to him so that he can “cut the living boy in two and give half to one and half to the other.” (1 Kings 3:25)

The true mother immediately “feels great compassion for her son” and decides she’d rather her son live with the other woman than be lost forever to both of them. She begs Solomon, “Please don’t have him killed.” (1 Kings 3:26) But the other woman, who is embittered by her own loss, says “He is not to be mine or yours. Cut him in two!” (1 Kings 3:26)

Solomon gives the infant to the true mother.

In the United States at present, we apparently have three competing ‘mothers’ who are trying to tear this country apart so that one of them can say, “This is my country; I love it. And you? You better just leave it. Cause if I can’t have it the way I want it, then no one is going to have this country. Let’s just kill it.” The three parties — that is, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Tea Party-goers — are continuing to argue with the President rather than recognize that no one wins if no one compromises. If no one cares about the country itself, then everyone loses.

Let’s pray God gives wisdom.

“A Kingdom Falling” ( Mark 3: 24, HCSB ) by Carley Evans

Jesus uses an example to illustrate how He can not possibly be driving out demons by the power behind the very same demons. He says, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Now we know that Jesus does not fabricate His illustrations; rather everything which proceeds from His mouth is Truth at its utmost. Therefore, Jesus is warning us.

Our nation — which for those of us who live in the United States of America is a sort of kingdom on earth — is divided against itself. Our two opposing political parties are rampantly hostile to an extent that little seems to be accomplished within our massive government system. Do you know that Colonel Q’uadafi actually sent a letter of thanks to our congress when it sanctioned our president for his support of the NATO Alliance in Libya? What a fiasco! No matter which side of the aisle one sits, this division is one which haunts us in the world community.

We are a kingdom falling because we are divided. Our disagreements are not polite but contentious. We create “events” on Facebook calling for a day in which we give our president “the bird” — a gesture which is hardly loving and definitely not reflective of our Lord Jesus!

Once we are on our knees as a nation, watch out — the vultures will descend upon us to devour what’s left of our country. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.