“A Ransom For All” (1 Timothy 2: 5 – 6, HCSB) by Carley Evans

Christ gives Himself, of His own free will, as a ransom for all humanity. As a ransom, He is the one and only mediator between humans and God the Father. He is able to be this ransom because He is both God and human simultaneously — knowing God’s requirements, knowing our weaknesses and failures. Jesus becomes for us sin; and sin is destroyed as His body is destroyed. God the Father turns, then re-turns; His face darkening then rejoicing in His Son’s resurrection. Jesus leaves the tomb empty, and has an eternal victory over sin and its wage – death.

Love overwhelms wrath; God’s justice is fully satisfied in Christ’s death. Jesus is “a testimony at the proper time.” His testimony is true — that God desires our salvation, going to great length to achieve it.