“Its Gates Are Burned With Fire” ( Nehemiah 1: 3, NIV ) by Carley Evans

On September 11th, our walls are broken down and our gates are burned with fire — we remember this day ten years ago when four passenger flights are hijacked and thousands of people — not only Americans — are murdered on our soil. Another day “which lives in infamy.”

The names of the lost are read aloud through the late morning and early afternoon at the memorial fountain at the site of the World Trade Center; each name with heavy meaning for the family to which he or she belongs.

The new buildings are under construction, glittering mirrored sides rising in a man-made beauty to a gorgeous God-made sky. Miniature flags — standing in the carved letters of the names of those fallen on 09-11-01 — wave gently in the breeze of this Sunday morning. Someone rightly says that our attackers can not claim victory — for though a part of our land is scarred, our hearts remain strong and free and filled with gratitude.