WordPress Stat Feature Addendum

A just discovered stat feature: check this out!

Addendum: Okay, okay — I realize that YOU OUT THERE can’t see my stats!

But, you can see your own — right? Right.


Look at today’s posts — the ones which were visited. Beside each post title is a little orange circle (I’m doing this from memory) — or the little stats’ chart image — click on it. Behold, individual post stats show up all the way back to whenever you first published that post.

Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks WordPress!

“And the 15 Nominees Are” ( by Carley Evans )

The 5 bloggers/blogs that I already gave the MOST VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD to are:

RESTING IN HIS GRACE — by M.T. Sweat. I love Pot Pie.

TWO MINUTES OF GRACE by Debbie Branson also comes to mind along with the peace she gives.

SUMMATHETES by Brian. I’ve been following this blog for several years now. I can not recommend this blog enough.

THINKING OUT LOUD by Jim Thornber; always thought-provoking.

A PAUPER’S PEN AND PARCEL by Dave Bignell; infrequent posting, but always good stuff.

Stand by…

Okay, I just nominated CATHOLIC JOURNALING by Jason.

And this evening, I nominated A FATHER’S LOVE, a wonderful blog by Jeffrey Miskell about a horrible event.

Also, I discovered SPTP2011, a funny blog about our life with God.

Do check out LONG WIND for some very fine ‘heavy’ reading — theology!

What’s the count? Makes 9 bloggers — all deserving of the Most Versatile Blogger award…

More to come…

Number 10 is THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR — these posts are longer than I usually read, but are worth the extra effort.

Next comes No. 11 — GROWING WITH JESUS by Pastor Baumann. I just discovered this one.

No. 12 is CHRISTIANITY 201. Check this one out when you have some time to peruse; so much to see and do and read here.

And No. 13 is WALKING IN THE WILDERNESS — I just like this whole set-up.

The remaining two will have to wait until tomorrow…

And, here it is — the next morning and I nominate No. 14: WORDS FROM THERE.  And finally the one I’ve been saving: THE CHRISTIAN GAZETTE by Patricia, a blog that brings many great posts together in one spot.

Versatile Blogger Payback x 5 ( by Carley Evans )

Thanks to Jeffrey Miskell and his trusty YouTube video, I now know how to add links within my posts. Yay, Jeffrey! Thanks so much!

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been nominated/awarded the Most Versatile Blogger Award or the Versatile Blogger Award 5 times now; I think.

To thank each of you — here goes!

First, Jeff nominated me — his blog is Reveling In The Overflowing Grace of God. For his nomination, I broke the rules and only nominated 5 bloggers/blogs. What can I say — I’m a non-conformist! Thank you Jeff!

Next, Jeffrey was kind enough to nominate me. Jeffrey writes A FATHER’S LOVE ! I have yet to nominate blogs in response to his gift!

Next, I received a nomination from M.T. Sweat who writes all over the place! But his home is RESTING IN HIS GRACE. Go check out Pot Pie. For this nomination, I haven’t followed the rules at all — except to thank M.T. But, I’m working on it.

Then, I was nominated by Drusilla Mott who writes DRUSILLA MOTT. I’ve thanked Drusilla, but nothing more yet.

Finally, I was happy to receive a Versatile Blogger Award from Ula who writes JESUS CARRIES ME. Again, all I have done is thank Ula most sincerely.

So, here are my 15 VERSATILE BLOGGERS: Okay, stand by…