“Yield” ( Psalm 40: 8, NIV ) by Carley Evans

“I desire to do Your will, O Lord,” sings the psalmist.


Oh that we each have that desire — the desire to discover, know, and do the will of our God. Many, if not most of us claim to desire to do the will of God, but I must admit to doubting this is true. We spend so little of our time contemplating God, meditating upon His Word, praying for His will in our lives; that it’s hard to believe we really desire His will.


Some of us might think that God’s will is enigmatic. His thoughts are so far above ours that we are incredulous. We think how can we know what God wants.


But, God’s Word is rather clear — He wills for us to seek Him first, to love Him first; then to love our neighbors in the same manner that He loves us. This perfect love may indeed be beyond our capability, but we have an obligation to yield ourselves to God the Holy Spirit who works within and through us to accomplish His will.


Yielding is the key.