Versions of the Word of God

Recently a fellow blogger pointed out that only the King James’ Version of the Holy Bible is “in the public domain” and therefore may be quoted without worry of copyright infringement.

As a writer, I respect copyright. So for awhile there I was only quoting the KJV. I’d like to point out that the copyright notice on most translations permit quoting as long as the bulk of what you are writing is not their version!

So it follows if I quote 4 or 5 different translations in one note I am not violating copyright law. How silly is that! God wrote the Bible; not men! Of course, translation work is a worthy and difficult undertaking; and payment and recognition are in order. I’m not sure how not using their translation benefits them.

What I must add is that I love the Word of God — whether God speaks through the Authorized King James Version, the New English Bible, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the New International Version, the English Standard Version or some other version, His Word is the same! The same today, yesterday and tomorrow. Amen? Amen!

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