“God’s Son Is Given” (Isaiah 9: 6, NIV) by Carley Evans

For us, God’s Son is given.

He is our Prince of Peace, our Everlasting Father, our Wonderful Counselor. He is the Mighty God come in the shape of a newborn infant in a manger.

He is completely helpless, totally dependent upon His human parents to provide shelter, clothing, food, guidance, love.

The government rests on Him. He speaks in the temple at twelve years of age with authority which comes directly from God, the Father. He spends forty days in the wilderness with our adversary and overcomes him with the Word of God, setting for us an example. He goes to John the Baptist to be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Obedience marks His life. Again, He sets for us an example.

He preaches to us to love our enemies, to do good to those who misuse or even hate us.

God’s Son is given unto us. May we accept Him in His fullness.

2 thoughts on ““God’s Son Is Given” (Isaiah 9: 6, NIV) by Carley Evans

  1. Thank you for this great meditation on the Word, Carley!
    I like putting together two parts to great one thought:
    “He preaches to love our enemies, doing good to those who hate us” and just as His Mother and Joseph provided for him may we provide “shelter, clothing, guidance, and love” to all.
    In this time of celebrating the Mystery of Incarnation, I have been thinking on peace and praying that peace may expand from every action and thought of mine.
    Happy Christmas and thanks for your blog!
    Ryan McGivern

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